Programmer's Arena

Best Practices

This section includes information on the good programming techniques and features provided by the compilers to produce more efficient code.

Macro Overloading

Macro Usage

Null Pointer

The C Paradigm

Get ready to take a plunge into C. This section will explore the murky depths of C language, bringing out some interesting facts.

Magic Numbers

Debug and Release build

Different modes of processor

Type Qualifiers

The illusionary World of C++

Lets look at the ways by which C++ tries to deceive the humble mind

Introduction to C++ Streams

C++ streams and Formatting manipulators

Introduction to operator overloading

Introduction to Templates


The starting point of every program. This section will include algorithms of some basic problems.

Game Trees

This article discusses a tree search algorithm also known as min-max method to impart artificial intelligence to computer opponent in games like chess and othello.