GCC First Release email

This is the e-mail which Richard Stallman (a.k.a. rms) sent in 1987, to announce the public availability of first release of GCC.

Date: Sun, 22 Mar 87 10:56:56 EST

From: rms (Richard M. Stallman)

The GNU C compiler is now available for ftp from the file

/u2/emacs/gcc.tar on prep.ai.mit.edu. This includes machine

descriptions for vax and sun, 60 pages of documentation on writing

machine descriptions (internals.texinfo, internals.dvi and Info

file internals).

This also contains the ANSI standard (Nov 86) C preprocessor and 30

pages of reference manual for it.

This compiler compiles itself correctly on the 68020 and did so

recently on the vax. It recently compiled Emacs correctly on the

68020, and has also compiled tex-in-C and Kyoto Common Lisp.

However, it probably still has numerous bugs that I hope you will

find for me.

I will be away for a month, so bugs reported now will not be

handled until then.

If you can't ftp, you can order a compiler beta-test tape from the

Free Software Foundation for $150 (plus 5% sales tax in

Massachusetts, or plus $15 overseas if you want air mail).

Free Software Foundation

1000 Mass Ave

Cambridge, MA 02138