"I hold open source people to higher standards. They are supposed to be the people who do programming because it's an art-form, not because it's their job."

Linus Torvalds

What is Computer Genome

We are moving towards a future where universes would comprise of zeros and ones.

Computer : a machine for performing calculations automatically

The whirring, chittering cream coloured box sitting on our table is probably no longer a mysterious machine. For some, it might be a necessary evil but for most of people like us it has become more than just a part of our furniture. If we look around ourselves we find ourselves engulfed in digital universe of computers. A fictious universe controlling our every aspect of life. A universe comprising of digital oragnisms - Computers.

Like Human Genome project Computer Genome

Genome: An organism's genetic material.

aims at studying the genetic material of these digital creatures. Our aim is to discover the seemingly complex yet simple knowledge related to these digital organisms. To look at the past, present and future of these digital organisms.

The site will keep on growing as the future becomes our present and present dissolves into past. The sole aim of this site is to accumulate and distribute knowledge - to Share knowledge. Most of the information is already out there. We will just try to explore this knowledge.